USA DonaldTrump Says’s for world on Coronavirus – coronavirus: spain reports more than 800 new deaths

scene 1 :
The curtain opens: China gets sick, enters a “crisis” and paralyzes its trade. The curtain closes.
Curtain opens: Chinese currency is devalued. They do nothing. The curtain closes.

Curtain opens :: Due to lack of trade in companies of Europe and USA, the prices of these companies fall to 40% of their value, which are located in China, China does nothing.

Curtain opens :: The world is sick, China buys shares of companies in Europe and America at less than 30%. When all business businesses in the world stop due to this disease, the curtain closes.

* SCENE V. *
Curtain opens: China has controlled the disease and now owns companies in Europe and America. Because the business here has collapsed and he decides that these companies stay in China and earn $ 20,000 billion. The curtain closes. The play is called this?

* Scan VI: *
* Checkmate and Checkmate! *

* Look again but true *

Two videos have been released between yesterday and today, which made me suspect something, it may not be necessary, it is just my speculation. But I believe that coronovirus was deliberately spread by China itself. they
Already ready, within three weeks of the start of this drama, how did he get the 12,000-bed hospital already built? In fact, he could not have constructed them in two weeks, he had already constructed them as it was part of a plan.
Yesterday he announced that he had stopped the epidemic. They appear in the video celebrating, they announce that they also have a vaccine. How can they make it so quickly without all the genetic information? But if you are the producer of this drama yourself, then it is not difficult at all.
And today I just watched a video that tells how Jin Ping, who is the President of the powerful country of the world, forced the whole world to kneel without any war. Due to the coronavirus, the business of western countries companies in China dramatically When the stock prices of these companies fell on the stock exchanges around the world, they were bought by the Chinese. Now these exchanges in China, America and Europe and through their own capital will decide how the market will be, and will be able to set prices to sell everything they need to the West. What amazing plan?

Yes, some old people died by chance? Even the young people were killed, but neither China cares about it nor will they give any pension to their families for a short time as compensation, but what a huge loot he has done. And right now the West is financially defeated, distressed and sickened by disease. And it is all part of a plan to go without anything and a very thoughtful perfect plan.
Now China is the largest owner of US treasury after Japan with 1.18 trillion holding.
——-_ ————– _——- //// – //////
Now see how the role of the other characters of this drama is so low or not, in Russia and North Korea, cases of fatal disease called Karona, while they are allies of China, they also have more movement among themselves, yet because they do so in the same way. Appeared as seen in other American and European countries
Is it because they are staunch allies of China

On the other hand USA / South Korea / United Kingdom / France / Italy / Spain and Asia are severely affected

How did Wuhan suddenly get freed from the deadly virus?

China says that due to the drastic measures taken by it, Wuhan Karona became free, what were those measures, China did not disclose them. Did not cue in other parts of China, Beijing, which was the capital of China, did not see any effect because of this, did not one reach the infected Beijing while the whole world Or has the infection failed, or was the play only for Wuhan, has not a single infected person traveled from Wuhan to other parts of China from November to January, while the infected world has reached almost every corner. How did he get a good number? Why ?
A person was not killed by Karona in Beijing? And thousands in just Wuhan

It is more interesting to think. How did China overcome this, how did they treat it and then they opened it up for business. After all, while the doctors all over the world are looking for a cure, how did the Chinese Did a miracle

Well ..

Karona should be seen against the backdrop of China turning arm in China in trade war

America and all the above mentioned countries are financially devastated

Soon the US economy will collapse according to China’s plan.

China knows that it cannot defeat America militarily because America is currently the most powerful country in the world.

So he used the virus here … that would paralyze the US economy and defense capabilities.

I am sure that Nancy Pelosi (who is the leader of the American opposition party) would have got a part in it… .to beat Trump….
President Trump has always said that

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